Dump Trump Action Team


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We believe that Donald J. Trump is a grave danger to our democracy. 

We use our fear and anger to energize us, to organize and to legally remove him from power before he and his enablers destroy our beautiful home and our country.

We work on direct ways to remove Trump from power.

Next team meeting: SATURDAY, December 2nd,  10-11 am, at  Good Earth, Tam Valley.


We have over sixty members with over twenty members actively engaged.  

We have launched a PETITION and a campaign to generate a groundswell of support from the public and elected officials  to IMPEACH TRUMP;

We urge you to sign the petition and to join our campaign; We:

·      Lobby Marin County supervisors and local city councils to adopt our petition to impeach Trump;

·       Leverage our work by coordinating with Congressman Jared Huffman and other elected officials who are leading the investigation.

All active members meet every two or three weeks -- at a structured meeting that lasts no more than one hour.  We distribute meeting notes that track our strategy, tactics and assignments. 

Next team meeting: Saturday, DECEMBER 2,  10-11 am, at  Good Earth, Tam Valley.  

Address is: 201 Flamingo Rd, Mill Valley, CA 94941 New members are welcome.

Contact team lead Bernard Catalinotto at dump-trump-lead@mvcan.org or cell 301-717-1077 for more info. The team leaders are: Bernard Catalinotto and Daniel Krimm.


MVCAN Dump Trump Action Team Meeting Notes


1. PARTY.  MVCAN Anniversary Party, Saturday November 10, Throckmorton Theater, Mill Valley

Bernard, Dan, Patrick and Bob were four of the two hundred people who attended the "MV Can-Do Review," the party that we gave for ourselves to commemorate a year of action. There were many highlights but one in particular was Kate Sears' three minute speech that strongly endorsed our organization as a role model for the country, in which she said how happy she is to be among people who care about their country (she used a saltier term). If you were not able to attend the party, please watch the 2 minute video on our future plans or the four other videos on our website, they are inspiring. They will be in the "anniversary wag" later this week or try our facebook site.


Bernard described the recent MVCAN discussion with the Chief of Staff for Diana Feinstein wherein we described our petition to impeach Trump as a tool for messaging and recruitment and as a great opportunity for our members to practice their canvassing skills; Sean was very encouraging, he said he thought it is a very effective way to help mobilize our "blue" county to work on dumping trump both directly and by flipping the congress in 2018. Based on his reaction, we all decided that we would continue to focus some (but not all) of our time on the petition drive.

Bernard reported that we have about 300 signatures and our goal is to hit 1,000 and then present the petitions to the County, where we have at least one supporter, Kate Sears, or the city of Mill Valley, where we think we have two or maybe three.

About a dozen of us made a pledge to get at least 14 signatures supporting the petition at a team meeting five weeks ago; two of us have met that goal (Bernard, Gail).

The attendees decided that for the next meeting in two weeks, our goal would be for all of us to bring their fourteen signatures. I assured them that it is easy and fun, and promised to send petition forms for all to use in garnering the signatures. I advise you

a. start with yourself your friends your relatives (in Marin or nearby)

b. any organization you belong to (as long as it's not the John Birch Society)

c. your neighbors, local stores, farmers' markets

If you run out of ideas, contact me or anyone on the team we're here to help one another


We have a file with some of the documents you might find useful to promote the petition.

The filename is: petition090717.doc

·        page one is: Sign Our Petition to Impeach Donald Trump

o   an essay that outlines the rationale for our project

·        page two is: Marin...Officials Respond in Time of Crisis

o   a formal petition from us to the Marin elected representatives, that sets forth  six reasons he should be impeached.

·        page three is the actual petition with  spaces for seven signatures.

·        page four is: Campaign to Petition...Impeach Trump

o   an explanation to the public how to sign the petition online or on paper.

o   [it has space for 1-2 signatures just in case you need it]


We decided that our goal is to gather one thousand signatures in the next four weeks. Our next meeting is in two weeks, Saturday December 2 at 10am; the following meeting is Saturday December 16 at 10am. We hope to have our thousand by then as a Christmas present to show Trump just what we think of him. We plan in the meantime to organize amongst ourselves, to call and email one another to help us go out and get signatures, so if you have any time at all, think of it as part of your Holiday Season activities, the best Holiday present you could give your family and friends

The attendees asked that i ask the core team to ask the membership to sign the petition. The wag usually has space for such a request as long as it is three lines so I will ask the core team to include the following in the Wag:


Please sign our online petition. It's easy as one-two-three 

[1]  Go on our website:  http://www.mvcan.org/dump-trump

[2] click on the green box that says "SIGN THE PETITION"

[3] Sign the petition. Feel free to make a comment.

 Tell your friends and family. They'll love you for it.


Someone asked about the relationship of our campaign vs. the national campaign of Tom Steyer. I explained that a friend of mine knows Steyer and is trying to get me a meeting. The short answer is that we encourage all MVCAN members to sign Steyer's  impeachment resolution and our petition


Patrick made a passionate case for our focussing current efforts on the tax scam as the best way to dump trump by stopping his evil agenda and cutting off his oxygen with his base donors and his base base.  We all found his logic persuasive and everyone asked me what is MVCAN doing about the tax scam. I promised to set forth the details so here they are (these are from the weekly newsletter, the wag, dated Nov 17 and titled "1 FOR YOU, 19 FOR ME-FIGHT THE #TRUMPTAXSCAM EDITION

Action 0 is the rally at Jared Huffman's office Nov 13 (but that is past). The new ones are:


·        Action 1 is phone bank tuesday nov 21;

·        Action 2 is demonstration monday nov 27.


For the details  read your weekly wag. We will report to the 65 members of our action team and to the core team of MVCAN that our action team has decided that due to the importance of the taxscam we are asking the entire dumptrump action team to join the fight against the tax scam as our major effort and for the next two weeks we expect just a minor effort on the petition. Of course after the taxscam is toast we will ask everyone on the team to work on the petition as our major task at hand.


4. Meetings.

Next action team meeting is in two weeks: Saturday December 2 at ten am, good earth, tam valley.

Next monthly MVCAN meeting is: Sunday December 3 at 4pm, mill valley community center, camino alto. This will be an excellent meeting so please try to attend.