Dump Trump Action Team


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We believe that Donald J. Trump is a grave danger to our democracy. 

We use our fear and anger to energize us, to organize and to legally remove him from power before he and his enablers destroy our beautiful home and our country.

We work on direct ways to remove Trump from power.

Next team meeting: SATURDAY, October 7th,  10-11 am, at  Good Earth, Tam Valley.


We have over sixty members with over twenty members actively engaged.  

We have launched a PETITION and a campaign to generate a groundswell of support from the public and elected officials  to IMPEACH TRUMP;

We urge you to sign the petition and to join our campaign;

We also support an independent investigation into Trump Russia collusion because we believe this is the most promising  way to turn Congress and the public against him.  We:

·      Developed a petition to urge the House of Representatives to impeach Trump;

·      Lobby Marin County supervisors and local city councils to adopt our petition to impeach Trump;

·       Compile and maintain  a dossier on the Case Against Trump and the Trump-Russia investigation;

·       Leverage our work by coordinating with Congressman Jared Huffman and other elected officials who are leading the investigation.

Most of our work is done in small teams that focus on:

[1] Impeachment / Petition;

[2] Mass Demonstrations

[3] Lobbying with Elected Officials; and

[4] Messaging.

All members meet every two or three weeks -- at a highly structured meeting that lasts no more than one hour.  We distribute meeting notes that track our strategy, tactics and assignments. 

Next team meeting: Saturday, October 7th,  10-11 am, at  Good Earth, Tam Valley.  

Address is: 201 Flamingo Rd, Mill Valley, CA 94941 New members are welcome.

Contact team lead Bernard Catalinotto at dump-trump-lead@mvcan.org or cell 301-717-1077 for more info. The team leaders are: Bernard Catalinotto, David Donnenfield and Daniel Krimm.


Our team has compiled and is constantly updating a dossier of breaking news and reports on Russian hacking of the US election and the Trump organization's collusion with Russian agents and hackers. This dossier is available to all MVCAN members and to selected Congressional staff working on the same issues.  Contact team lead Bernard Catalinotto at dump-trump-lead@mvcan.org or cell 301-717-1077 for access to the dossier.