Education Team



The Ed team will be working on a series of salons to discuss critical education issues with MVCAN members. We anticipate these will begin in the fall. 



The team is calling CA Legislative Education Committee members (Senate and Assembly) to voice support for four charter school bills and opposition to three charter bills. All were introduced by Democrats to strengthen or weaken regulations, we support legislation that  strengthens regulations. Committee hearings are scheduled over the next couple of weeks. State legislation is increasingly important with the Trump/DeVos intent to destroy public education—note the Missouri case before the Supreme Court today that would allow public funds be used to resurface a playground at a church-run school, only Sotomayor and Ginsburg spoke in opposition.

Next team meeting: TBA, Alain Pinel Realty, 32 Miller Ave., Mill Valley.

Contact team lead Kelly Horner at for more info.