Health Care Team



The first goal of the Healthcare Team was to stop the Repeal of the Affordable Care Act. We have had a major victory – and we are moving forward to the next challenge having learned a number of things

1. Phone banking – The healthcare team led by Elyse Foster hosted dozens of phone banks in our homes – no fewer than two a week in the last two months. We estimate from data we processed from our last phone banks that we averaged 6 to 8 participants per phone bank who averaged 50 calls each which amounted to about 7,000 thousand calls in all.  Most of us never thought we would or could call strangers, but we have had incredible experiences and learned a lot: there are a lot of people out there who want to be urged to contact their elected officials, and who want their contact information handed to them.

2. Working with Organizing For Action (OFA) to oppose repeal of the Affordable Care Act made our phone banks efficient and effective: they strategized correctly that we should target constituents of Senator Dean Heller in Nevada. His resistance to Republican Leadership pressure turned out to be pivotal right up until the last vote.  OFA provided us at no cost - up-to-date suggested scripts to use, and the phone numbers of constituents. Furthermore, they refined those scripts and lists to be more effective as we went along.


3. We learned firsthand that community voices do mean something to elected officials: Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) on Tuesday July 25 told MSNBC that she thinks protests have made a “huge difference” in fighting for ObamaCare. “It’s the fact that people have been out there pushing back, is the reason that right now healthcare hasn’t already been repealed. . … They're fighting, they're making their voices heard. That's what's kept us in this fight.”


The Healthcare Team now needs to regroup – literally – and our members need to discuss and plan how we will as a team deal with what is coming next.  We will announce a Team meetingin early September at which we will properly celebrate our success to date, and consider our next goals and various forms of political action we can take to move forward from here.  





Upcoming phone banks to save ACA:


Monday July 17

4-6 pm

Mill Valley

Home of  Elyse Foster

RSVP to Elyse for address.


Wednesday July 19 

4 to 6 pm


Home of Carol Korenbrot

RSVP to Carol for address.


Phone Bank Weds., July 5, 5:30-7:30

Home of MVCAN member Burr Leonard, Sausalito

RSVP for the July 5 phone bank.




Health care team meeting at MV Community Center Terrace Room. Thurs., June 22, 5 - 7 pm

Join us for one or more of 4 phone banks in 6 days to protect the Affordable Care Act!

Thanks so much to those of you who have been attending our healthcare phonebanks. If you haven't attended one yet, now is when you are really needed. 


According to the Wall Street Journal, the text of the bill will be released this Thursday the 22nd; the Congressional Budget Office will release a score of the bill next Monday 26th or Tuesday the 27th; and the Senate may well vote on it next Thursday the 29th.

Friday, June 23, 4:00-6 PM in Tiburon

RSVP to Marin OFA


Saturday, June 24th, 10:30 AM - 12:30 PM in Sausalito.

RSVP to Democracy Action Marin


Tuesday, June 27, 5:30-7 PM in Corte Madera

RSVP to OFA Marin


Wednesday, June 28, 5:00-7 PM in Tiburon

RSVP to Marin OFA


Note: Why are we calling Sen. Jeff Flake of Nevada? In its analysis of how the Senator McConnell could get the necessary 50 votes to pass their secret Republican bill, Politico has rated Sen. Flake as “up for grabs.” 

The reasons they list are that 1) He is from a Medicaid expansion state and is worried about undoing the program too quickly. 2) He is up for reelection next year in one of the few contested Republican general election matchups.



There are going to be 2 phone banks in the next 6 days:

Please try to come to at least one of them. There is word that the Senate vote will be happening soon.  We will be calling constituents sympathetic to the ACA in districts of Republican Senators.

Both phone banks will take place from 4–6 pm.  You need to bring a charged laptop or IPAD, cell phone, headphones and chargers.  We will train you if you haven’t phone banked before.  

Friday June 9

Host:  Carol Korenbrot 

Email host for location and to RSVP

Monday June 12

Host:  Elyse Foster   

Email host for location and to RSVP



The MVCAN Health Care team will be calling Nevada to garner support to protect ACA. Join this Mon, May 22, 2-5 pm, 22 Underhill Rd., Mill Valley. RSVP to Elyse Foster:



At our next meeting, we’ll be discussing SB 562, the Healthy California Act, coming up for a hearing in the Senate on April 26, and other topics. Please consider joining the April 26 Rally in Sacramento in support of SB 562 (see Events for more details.)

There are groups organizing to march in Sacramento, including Health Care for All and the California Physicians Alliance. The Health Care team will have a presence at the March for Science Sat., April 22 (see Events).

Next Team Meeting: TBA

Contact team lead Elyse Foster at for more info.