August 7, 2018

MVCAN Contact:        Peter Graumann,

Pletcher Campaign Contact:           Ross Green,


Mill Valley Community Action Network (MVCAN) Endorses Anna Pletcher
for Marin District Attorney in November 6 Election


Marin’s criminal justice system does not reflect the values of Marin voters. Our jail is full of defendants too poor to post bail.  In Marin and throughout California people of color are arrested, prosecuted and sentenced in grossly disproportionate numbers.  A recent study found Marin the state’s worst county in terms of race-based disparities.  Fortunately, District Attorneys have the power to fix many of these wrongs in their jurisdiction.


Anna Pletcher is the sole candidate endorsed by the Marin Democratic Party and the only one who believes it’s her duty to implement progressive values and reform our broken criminal justice system:


·      Anna pledges to “expand restorative youth justice alternatives and collaborate to break the cycle of homelessness.”

·      Anna will make “sure that Marin joins regional partners to protect our environment and build safer schools.”

·      Anna is “the only candidate committed to reforming our cash bail system and providing rape kit exams in-county.”

·      Anna explains that “these smart reforms [will] make us safer, stronger, and save taxpayer resources.”


As a result of Anna Pletcher’s commitments to make meaningful, progressive changes to the Marin County criminal justice system, the Mill Valley Community Action Network is joining the Marin Democrats to endorse Pletcher and work for her election as Marin DA.  


“MVCAN is proud to campaign for Anna Pletcher,” says June Cooperman, an MVCAN founder and leader.  “We believe Anna is an exceptionally strong, progressive candidate and a clear contrast to the status-quo Sheriff-endorsed candidate: Lori Frugoli.”


How Further Reasons to Support Anna Pletcher Will Make Marin Safer


IMMIGRATION:  Anna Pletcher will fight to protect immigrant families. All of us are safer when every Marin community is comfortable contacting local police. Anna will fight the Trump administration’s efforts to separate families and turn cops into ICE agents. Unlike her opponent, Pletcher will discourage Marin Sheriff Robert Doyle from voluntarily releasing information harmful to undocumented people. 


MASS INCARCERATION: Anna will fight to end mass incarceration. The US has 2.3 million people behind bars--mostly poor people, which in America means mostly people of color. She favors reducing mandatory sentencing and “three strikes” rules that fill our prisons with black and brown young men serving long sentences and then released into society unprepared to succeed.


MONEY BAIL: Anna was among the first prosecutors to seek an end to the money bail system. The proven alternative is to decide which pre-trial suspects are released based on the threat they represent to the community, not their bank account. Eliminating the cash bail system, as has been done in the federal courts, will reduce jail populations and allow more defendants to maintain their jobs and housing prior to going on trial.


RESTORATIVE JUSTICE: Pletcher is involved in mentoring the Marin Youth Court and supports an array of restorative justice programs. Currently young people from Marin City are not allowed to participate in this highly effective program along with their Northern Marin counterparts. Pletcher will seek to change that, as well as providing resources to court deferral programs for the mentally ill, drug addicts and potentially veterans.


ENVIRONMENTAL JUSTICE: Anna has earned the endorsement of the Marin Sierra Club because she is committed to prosecuting polluters in Marin for practically the first time.





Mill Valley Community Action Network has enlisted more than a thousand local residents to defend our democracy in the Trump era.  Along with direct action, we support candidates and parties that promote progressive values.  To help with Anna Pletcher’s campaign, contact MVCAN coordinator Peter Graumann: For more information about MVCan email or consult our website at


Anna Pletcher (second from right) with members of MVCAN's leadership.

Anna Pletcher (second from right) with members of MVCAN's leadership.