Why is the Marin DA’s Race Crucial?

Whoever wins the race will likely remain in office for many years or decades. Here in Marin (since there is no incumbent running for the office) we have an open-seat opportunity to choose a district attorney who will put in place just and forward-thinking policies and will show leadership within the US criminal justice reform movement- not simply reflect the decades long status quo here in Marin.

Across the country, grassroots activists have joined together to elect progressive district attorneys who have enormous power to further the cause of justice regarding mass incarceration, the obvious inequities of our current criminal justice system, and the protection of the immigrant population.  Let’s do the same!

MVCAN views Lori Frugoli as the candidate who is least compatible with MVCAN’s goals and values.

Although Lori Frugoli is a very experienced prosecutor, she has the least innovative, most traditional law enforcement orientation of the candidates. For instance, she has promoted her endorsement by the Marin County Sheriff Robert Doyle, whose close cooperation with ICE officials and opposition to the California “State Sanctuary” bill SB 54 have been reported this week in the SF Chronicle, “While SF jail snubs ICE, Marin County does the opposite.”  and in the Marin IJ, May 30,  "Marin Sheriff Resists State Bill to Curb ICE".

In addition, Lori Frugoli is the only candidate accepting campaign donations from law enforcement.

The other two DA Candidates:

Both of these candidates, Anna Pletcher and AJ Brady, are committed to an integrated approach to law enforcement. This approach includes recognizing the public health aspects of some criminal behavior as well as including diversion to social programs in cases of youth, mental illness or homelessness. Both candidates also support progressive solutions in combating the opioid crisis and strong protection of our immigrant communities.


Details on the Candidates  

Anna Pletcher

Anna, 44, has a ton of vision and expertise for improving the DA's office. She is committed to prosecuting environmental polluters and to reforming the money bail system (a major cause of inequity in our current system). She plans to launch a Family Justice Center to replace a series of disconnected support services across a dozen locations.

While she is not a Marin DA insider, Anna has extensive experience as a federal prosecutor, including managing a staff of 25 attorneys and 10 support staff.  She has the requisite skill set to build the Marin DA team with fresh ideas.

She got her law degree at UC Berkeley and settled in Mill Valley with her 3 kids, and has been actively involved in local affairs- working for the Tam Valley PTA, the Marin Women’s Commission, Marin Coalition to End Human Trafficking, and as a Volunteer Judge on County Youth Court.

Anna’s Latina background informs her attention to the immigrant community and commitment to civil rights while her work on Women’s Commission speaks to her sensitivity to women’s issues

Anna Pletcher is the endorsee of the Marin County Democrats, and  the Sierra Club.

Web site:


AJ Brady

AJ, 39, has been part of the Marin DA’s office for his entire career. With over 13 years experience in multiple divisions of the department, AJ Brady knows the institution well from the inside.

From his website:”With a commitment to reshaping justice in Marin County through innovative best practices, A.J. has spearheaded several progressive policy projects including the Chronic Alcoholics with Justice Involvement (CAJI) pilot, which provides housing in lieu of incarceration to chronic alcoholics in San Rafael, and the Restorative Justice Diversionary Program, one of the first of its kind in the United States to use restorative justice for adult defendants.”

He was raised in SF and Marin and now lives in Corte Madera with his family.  He is president of Reed USD (Tiburon) School Board and has been endorsed by many County school officials, many local labor unions, 11 of the current  deputy DAs, and 10 public defenders.

Web site:


Lori Frugoli

Lori, 61, is a long-term prosecutor at the Marin DA's office, and a life-long Marin resident.

She became interested in policing in high school, and worked as a police cadet, police officer and sheriff deputy while working her way through college and law school at local institutions.

She emphasizes being a registered Democrat, but clearly has the most conservative approach to the issues, and a strong alliance with local law enforcement. She has overwhelming support from law enforcement individuals and  organizations, including three former county DAs as well as the current Sheriff, Robert Doyle.

She is most likely to preserve the status quo and can be expected to enact incremental innovation.

Web site:



For further information about the candidates and their policy statements, email to see the extensive research compiled by MVCAN member Dan Krimm on the candidates’ bios and their stands on issues, compiled from public sources available to him. 

Also read the ACLU survey of all DA candidates in the state by county. See how our 3 Marin candidates answered the questionnaire.  



Courage Campaign Compilation of endorsements by progressive groups on the state propositions

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On June 5, let’s all vote in the DA race and promote 21st century change in our Marin judicial system!