ACTION 1: Join the MVCAN Civil Rights/Immigration team to lend critical support to San Rafael resident, Hugo Mejia, and his desperate effort to stay in the US. 


Hugo has been a stellar community member in Marin for 17 years with a wife and 3 US born children. He has been in ICE detention since May for being undocumented. Hundreds have rallied on his behalf.


Why It’s So Important


We must demonstrate that we are not going to give up and be worn down by the ICE’s continuing unjustified detention of Hugo. Hugo faces deportation at any time. More than ever, Hugo needs the advocacy efforts of our community to show ICE that we are serious.

What to Do

Take these 3 actions to help Hugo. 

1)   Attend a rally for Hugo:

Hugo Mejia Rally

Sunday, August 13, 11:00 AM

West County Detention Facility
5555 Giant Hwy
Richmond, CA 94806

Yadira, Hugo's wife, will be speaking and media will be present. This will be an extremely important time to show that the community is continuing to pay attention to Hugo’s unjust detention and that we are outraged by this unconscionable treatment of one of our community members.

2)     Call the ICE Field Director in San Francisco on Hugo’s behalf.

We must continue to pressure ICE San Francisco leadership to issue a Notice to Appear to Hugo. This Notice would allow him to be released from detention and present his full case before an Immigration judge. ICE has the legal power to issue this critical notice and is simply refusing to do so.

To get phone number and script, click here.


3)     Contribute to Hugo’s Family GoFundMe Campaign.

Help give them the means to continue to fight!

Hugo has also shared that he's so appreciative of everyone's letters of support to him. They have given him great strength during these three months in detention. He would love to continue to hear from this community.

Please continue to write to him:

Hugo Mejia   X-5131225  KBF405

Rio Cosumnes Correctional Center

12500 Bruceville Road

Elk Grove, CA 95757



Big thank you to  our activist colleagues at Sanctuary Marin for spearheading and researching this action!