Drawing by Susan Stanger

Drawing by Susan Stanger

phone / text banking

MVCAN joins together with Democracy Action Marin as we start up our program of phone and text banking along with a kick-off meeting to discuss the timeline and framework of our upcoming work. What campaigns are we working on? How important will state elections be? How do we handle the Presidential Campaign with 23 candidates? What texting programs are available?

Then we’ll roll up our sleeves and begin calling. We’ll be contacting voters for the North Carolina Special Congressional Election to be held in September, along with calls to voters in Virginia for the November state-level elections.

To register for June 22 and get details, sign up Here

Kick-off Party/Phone Bank 

Sat. June 22, 1 - 3 pm
80 Liberty Ship Way, Suite 20


Kick-off cake will be included!


Or catch our next phone bank on Sat. June 29, 1- 3pm.

For more info about 6/29 and to sign-up, contact Marti Cermak at  marti.cermak@gmail.com

Photo: June Cooperman

Photo: June Cooperman