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NARAL Lobby DAY at The Capitol

Sacramento, CA


Meet at 8am in front of REI IN THE PARKING LOT AT THE TOWN CENTER.   Please let us know if you want to participate in the carpool or drive and how many passengers you can take

·      Please bring some $$ for gas and parking. 

·      Lunch is included 

·      On site Training will be included

·      You will want to be there for the talking points

·      This is a chance to talk to your Legislators about reproductive rights and freedom.  NARAL will arrange some meetings, but let’s reach our own elected officials and schedule an appointment before then. 

·      JZ or Leigh Ann or Kate?  Will call to let them know that a group from MVCAN is coming to the event.

·      We will make appointments with our California State Legislators

o   Assembly Member Marc Levine-

o   Senator Mike McGuire

o   Scott Wiener

·      Contact JZ at or 503-551-2328 if you have a questions.