Welcome this week to our many new members.

 We continue to increase our effectiveness. We are over 250 and growing daily.


 •        MARIN IS MARCHING,    FRI JAN 20

        WOMEN’S MARCH--SF,   SAT JAN 21

        CALL AND COFFEE,  FRI JAN 27  8-9:30 am  



          SAVE THE DATE!


More than 50 courageous House Democrats have joined our Congressman Jared Huffman to boycott the Inauguration!

Momentum is growing. Let’s urge our CA Senators to continue to lead the US and join the House members in an even bigger statement of opposition to Trump's attacks on our communities and our democracy.

Call Senators Dianne Feinstein and Kamala D. Harris to tell them firmly that you want them to follow the lead of Congressman Huffman, Congressman Lewis and fellow Democrats and publicly boycott Trump’s Inauguration.

• Sen. Feinstein - DC (202) 224-3841, SF (415) 393-0707, Fresno (559) 485-7430 

• Sen. Harris - DC (202) 224-3553, Sacramento (916) 448 - 2787, SF (213) 894-5000

 If you don’t get through to one number, try another.

 Feel free to use your own words or follow this script:

 SCRIPT "I urge you to join fellow House Democrats and skip Donald Trump's inauguration. His hate-filled and corrupt campaign and incoming administration cannot be normalized or legitimized.  He is a fake president.  Democrats' resistance to Trump must start now, with an inauguration boycott.”

Also call Congressman Jared Huffman and thank him for being a leader in boycotting the Inauguration.

 Feel free to use your own words or follow this script:

 SCRIPT:  "As a member of Mill Valley Community Action Network,  I want to thank you for showing leadership and being the third House member to announce his boycott of the disgraceful Trump inauguration.Thank you for calling out the hate-filled un-American nature of his campaign, his behavior and his program. We strongly encourage you to find ways to weaken him and help us prevail against him and his cronies."

Every call you make bolsters our local rep’s conviction to act in accordance with our shared principles and values.

• Rep. Huffman - DC (202) 225-5161, San Rafael (415) 258-9657

 Put these numbers in your phone. We will be calling them a lot.

 Thank you!   Every call makes a difference.

Other actions: Plan to go to a live event or march!!  Peaceful protest marches are an important way to provide visibility for our cause, and to sway popular and decision-maker opinion.

See more call actions on our web site: www.mvcan.org


Over thirty MVCAN members  joined over 400 people in a celebration of Martin Luther King, Jr., in Marin City on Jan. 16. We participated in a march, community celebration and opportunity to show support to our neighbors in Marin City. Big thanks to Lisa Scarsella, Diane Goldman and the Civil Rights Committee for spearheading MVCAN’s participation and material support.  See photos on our Facebook page

MVCAN was featured prominently in the Marin IJ on Mon., Jan. 16, leading a story about political action groups in Marin. The paper had great photos of our Jan 8 "candlelight" meeting.

 Led by the Health Care Committee, over two dozen MVCAN members participated in a rally that drew more than five thousand people to SF City Hall Sunday, Jan 15, in support of the Affordable Care Act

 Call & Coffee -   7 members made over 100 calls to US Senators to:

 A) Defend Medicare, Medicaid and ACA.

Join in from home by using this info.

B) Urge them to fully investigate Russian hacking of the election.

Join in from home by using this info.

Outreach and networking to various local Resistance groups. MVCAN is coordinating with other Marin grassroots groups, new and old

Multiple team meetings.  We do most of our work in teams,  so please do not be shy: feel free to contact team leaders of the team(s) you are interested in:


Civil Rights/immigration spearheaded our support of the Marin City MLK March and is working on local activism and with the ACLU and other groups.

Next team meeting, with guest speakers Sun. Jan 29, 4-6pm.  at the Waste Management Treatment Agency, 450 Sycamore Ave.- see next week's Wag and the www.mvcan.org website. Contact Diane Goldman for more info.

 Dump Trump's 30 team members are working on ways to "remove and replace" Trump, (not ACA)  to defeat him and his unacceptable agenda, especially by focusing on corruption and Russian ties. Several are working on a boycott strategy targeting national brands connected to Trump business interests. This group meets every week, rain or shine. Passions run high; one member wrote to MOCs calling for canceling the inauguration; two others are working on "lightning bolts" to help mobilize the public against Trump.

Next team meeting Sat Jan 21, 10am. Good Earth, Mill Valley. Contact Bernard Catalinotto for more info.

Environment/Climate Change is working to oppose Scott Pruitt  and other climate deniers at the Federal level (Senate confirmation hearing), as well as connecting with local groups.

Next team meeting Sun Jan 22, 4-6pm. 238 E. Blithedale Avenue. Contact Edi Dor or Linda Haggerty for details.

Outreach/Communication is focused on onboarding new members, birthing new teams, providing graphic and promotional support for MVCAN, and helping our large meetings be an organized, rewarding experience. A group is attending a talk by Berkeley Cognitive Linguistics Professor (and longtime Trump watcher) George Lakoff in Sonoma Sun., Jan. 29. Tickets are still available.

Next team meeting Sat Jan 28, 10am. Good Earth, Mill Valley.

Women’s Issues is focusing on the SF Women's March (details below) and is gearing up to support Planned Parenthood. This group is seeking a co-leader.

If interested, please contact Suz Lipman.

Education is actively opposing the nomination of anti-public school fanatic Betsy deVos for the Cabinet.

This team  met  on  Wed Jan. 18.   See details in the next Wag. Contact Kelly Horner for more info.

Health Care will be working to preserve the ACA, Medicare and Medicaid.

Next team meeting Sun Jan 29, 7-8 pm. Location TBA - - see next week's Wag and the www.mvcan.org website. Contact Elyse Foster for more info.

Electoral The Electoral group met for the first time Saturday at Good Earth where we discussed our actions for the next two years.  We are following the guidance of the group Flippable for actions in 2017 and 2018 to effect change in state legislatures and flip seats in 2017 and 2018. 

Next team meeting Sat Jan 28, 11am. Good Earth, Mill Valley. Contact Eileen Fisher for more info.


 MARIN IS MARCHING FRI JAN 20 Spend Inauguration Day in San Rafael, March and Rally from 1pm-6pm.


Please note new times: Buses depart at 2pm for Rally only (3:00-5:30pm), or Rally and March (3:00 - 8:00pm) from Mill Valley Middle School

Arrive at the bus at 1:30 to make a sign to carry (supplies are limited). Bring a battery-operated candle, glow stick, flash light or candle app. Don't be late.  The bus will leave promptly at 2 pm.

Due to vigorous demand, ALL THREE CHARTER BUSES ARE FULL. Please visit the MVCAN Facebook page to arrange carpools and learn about ferries and other alternative transportation.

This is a helpful primer on marching in general

No matter how you get to SF, look for MVCAN at the Larkin and McAllister Street corner of Civic Center Plaza and we will celebrate and march together!   (For the geographers among us, this is the northeast corner of the plaza).   Look for signs that say “Marin” or look for Ken Pontac and his sign (photo below). If you are making a sign, we suggest using “Marin” in the wording if possible, so people can find us.


 CALL AND COFFEE  FRI JAN 27  8-9:30 am 

Come and make calls together on time-critical issues. No experience necessary, we will train you. Bring a laptop and cell phone.

Please RSVP by Weds., Jan. 25, if you can make it.Host: June Cooperman juneellenc@aol.com, email for exact address. 415-389-1306

 MVCAN MONTHLY MEETING Sun., Feb. 12, 4-6 p.m.

This will be a highly informative meeting.  Details and location TBA. Save the Date.

 Other Events of Note:

 Bridge Together Golden Gate Fri. Jan. 20, Inauguration Day protest

 Misc Group Needs:

 Thank you to those who have offered your talents and skills. We will be reaching out to you. We are currently seeking an attorney who can advise pro bono on a simple contract. Thank you!

 Closing Thought:  "Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.” - Martin Luther King Jr.

 Thank you for all you do!

–June, Bernard, Suz, Danny, Lucy, Eileen and everyone at MVCAN

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