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25+ MVCAN MEMBERS MADE HUNDREDS OF CALLS to get out the vote for Jon Ossoff in the Georgia 6th Special Election and Archie Parnell in South Carolina's 5th.

Electoral Team Lead Susan Bolle shared this from Emily's List, "Please remember these words about the Georgia 6th Ossoff 3.8 point loss–as you hear the media (and Republicans) build their deliberately negative narrative and as your friends sound disheartened:
There are 71 Republican-held districts around the country that are bluer than Georgia's 6th. If we could come this close to flipping this seat, there's no telling what we might be able to do next year!"

See below for more info about upcoming phone banks.

8 MVCAN MEMBERS MADE CALLS AND TEXTED to save the Affordable Care Act. See below for more info about upcoming phone banks.

Mother/daughter phone bankers Ginna Fleming and Lisa Scarsella. Photo: Susan Bolle.

MVCAN'S NEW ECONOMIC ACTION TEAM WAS REPRESENTED by Danny Altman and Larry Litvak at a donor’s workshop in San Francisco sponsored by Democracy Labs, a project of the Advocacy Fund at the Tides Foundation. Featured speakers presented a strategic review of projects and organizations across the country that make up very promising pieces of the emerging resistance. Learn more about MVCAN's Economic Action Team, its strategies and tactics, and ways you can be involved.

Photo: Danny Altman

MVCAN ECO WARRIOR TEAM MEMBERS Grace Severtson, Bob Harlow and Lisa Ristorucci attended a meeting of the Marin Board of Supervisors to advocate that the BOS go Deep Green by committing to Marin Clean Energy. The BOS voted in support of Deep Green for its next fiscal year. Thank you Eco Warriors! The group will continue to urge our own city to commit to Marin Clean Energy.

MVCAN advocating for Deep Green on the steps of Mill Valley City Hall. Photo: Suz Lipman.

MVCAN WOMEN'S RIGHTS TEAM MEMBERS Kate Barrengos and Sally DeVoto Hagstrom canvassed local Mill Valley businesses to support CA Assembly Bill 569, the Reproductive Health Non-Discrimination Act. Thank you to Seager Gray Gallery for being the first business to sign the letter.  

Kate Barrengos, Donna Seager and Sally DeVoto Hagstrom. Photo: Suzanne Gray.

MVCAN WOMEN'S RIGHTS TEAM LEADER Leigh Ann Townsend published a letter in the Marin IJ urging that the CA Democratic Party conduct a thorough audit of its recent election of party chair.

MVCAN BECAME A NON-PROFIT CA CORPORATION and filed an intent to become a 501(c)4. Stay tuned for information about what this means for MVCAN and its future activities and clout.



Thanks so much to those of you who have been attending MVCAN's Health Care Team phone banks. If you haven't attended one yet, now is when you are really needed. Read more and join one of the dates in ACTION 1, below.



Put the next MVCAN Monthly Meetings in your calendar:

Sun., Aug. 6, time and location TBA

Sun., Sept. 10, time and location TBA

In lieu of a monthly meeting in July, join the MVCAN BBQ - bring your family & friends!

MVCAN teams will continue to meet. Additional events and actions will be added to the Event Calendar. Please continue to check


ACTION 1: Join one of our phone banks and call to oppose the Republicans’ terrible health care legislation.

It’s truly now or never! This may be our last chance at preventing the Republicans from reaching the 50 Senate votes they need to pass their horrendous health care bill. We are calling constituents of Republican senators and urging them to ask their senators to vote in opposition to the Republican bill. We will be specifically targeting Senator Flake of Arizona. Politico has rated Sen. Flake as “up for grabs” regarding the AHCA. The reasons are 1) He is from a Medicaid expansion state and is worried about cutting back the program too quickly. 2) He is up for reelection next year in one of the few contested Republican general election matchups.

What to Do - Action Item 1

RSVP to one or more of our Phone Banks:

Friday, June 23, 4:00-6 PM in Tiburon

RSVP to Marin OFA

Saturday, June 24, 10:30 AM - 12:30 PM in Sausalito

RSVP to Democracy Action Marin

Wednesday, June 28, 5:00-7 PM in Tiburon

RSVP to Marin OFA

Wednesday, June 28, 6:00-8PM in San Rafael

RSVP to Marin OFA

ACTION 2: Call our California Senators and tell them to use every legislative tool at their disposal to block and resist the Republican health care bill.

Why It’s So Important

The text of the Republican health care bill was just released, and the Senate may well vote on the bill next Thursday, June 29th.The Republicans are rushing to push ahead their health care bill with unprecedented secrecy and speed for such major legislation.
Why? The Republicans can’t afford to wait until public opposition to their terrible bill grows. By decimating Medicaid, this legislation will take health insurance away from millions of people; it will also increase health care premiums for older people, force low-income people to go without necessary care, defund Planned Parenthood, and punish people with pre-existing conditions, all while giving wealthy members of society tax breaks.
We need to call now and tell our California Senators to use more leverage! Democrats can slow the legislative process down and make it much harder for Republicans to get to 50 votes.

What to Do Action Item 2

Call Senators Dianne Feinstein and Kamala Harris.

Suggested Script:
I’m calling Senator__to urge her to use every legislative tool at her disposal to block and resist the Republican health care bill. I urge her to “withdraw consent” to preventSenate business from moving forward when unanimous consent is required. I also urge the Senator to support the introduction of amendments to slow down the process of legislation.We must do everything possible to prevent the Republicans’ unjust and cruel health care bill from becoming law.

  • Sen. Dianne Feinstein: DC (202) 224-3841, SF (415) 393-0707, LA (310) 914-7300, SD (619) 231-9712, Fresno (559) 485-7430
  • Sen. Kamala Harris: DC (202) 224-3553, Sacramento (916) 448-2787, SF (415) 355-9041, LA (213) 894-5000, SD (619) 239-3884, Fresno (559) 497-5109

Tip for Contacting:
If you prefer emailing rather than calling Senator Feinstein, her office responds to every

ACTION 3: To protect California immigrants, call Governor Brown and ask him to publicly announce his support for the California Values Act.

Why It’s So Important
The California Values Act (SB 54) is a bill critical to protecting immigrant communities in California. This bill prohibits California state and local law enforcement officers (including officers in schools and hospitals) from using local resources to investigate, detain, or arrest persons for immigration enforcement.  

The California Values Act is at a critical stage in the legislative process. Speak out now to make sure that state lawmakers and Gov. Brown not only support the bill, but also pass it as-is with no amendments that would weaken any of its protections.

What to Do – Action Item 3

Click on this link to a CREDO action to place a call to Governor Brown:

See the Civil Rights/Immigration Team page for more important actions your can take today to protect others in our community.

Thank you for taking these important actions today!


Much of MVCAN's work is done in one of 10 action teams. Click the team name to read their latest news and find their next meeting.

Civil Rights/Immigration battles for justice and fair treatment of women, immigrants, working people and followers of all faiths. Read more.

Communications works on strategy, branding, messaging and program development for MVCAN. They are looking for bright ideas and people who want to make them happen. Read more.

Dump Trump's 25 active team members work on ways to remove Trump from power, with special focus on Russia collusion. This topic is hot! Read more.

Eco Warriors are engaged in change at the local, state and national levels, to impact the CA carbon tax, climate change, and community outreach and action. Take the Eco Warrior action to support the Paris Climate Agreement. Read more.

Economic Action's two-prong approach involves giving expert guidance to members on how to donate to political and social action causes and creating a way for members to roll their individual donations into larger donations that will come from MVCAN. Read more.

Education will be working on a series of salons to discuss critical education issues with MVCAN members. We anticipate these will begin in the fall. Read more.

Electoral works to elect candidates for the 2017 state house and governor races, and other targeted races from now through the mid-term elections, following the recommendations of the team, who are analyzing and selecting winnable races. The Electoral team uses phone banks and travel to targeted districts to talk with voters through phone calls and door-to-door canvassing, voter registration, and campaign volunteering. Read more.

Health Care is focusing on actions being taken to repeal the ACA, and on protecting health care coverage. They participate in advocacy and phone banking in conjunction with OFA Marin. Read more.

Tech supports MVCAN through technology. Read more.

Women's Rights fundraises and canvasses for NARAL and Planned Parenthood; supports women in public office(s); and engages in local, state and federal legislation for women's protection and rights. Read more.


Visit to learn about the organization, teams and strategies; read past MVCAN newsletters, and gain helpful Resistance tools.

Got a skill, talent and/or time? We need you! Contact Laura Boles and let her know how you might be able to help our growing Resistance group. We especially seek volunteers with web and video skills, and those who wish to welcome and orient new members. In a few hours a week, you can make a huge difference to multiple Resistance members and actions!

Thank you for all you do!

– June, Bernard, Suz, Danny, Eileen, Nitsa, and everyone at MVCAN

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