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MVCAN's Civil Rights/Immigration team met with members of Marin's Rapid Response Team to ensure appropriate responses to ICE raids in Marin, and with the Mill Valley Police Department to promote the ACLU's 9 "Model" State and Local Law Enforcement Policies and Rules. MVCAN's Eco Warriors team leaders met with 350Marin, OFA and other prominent local environmental groups to coordinate plans for the Climate March on April 29. MVCAN's Health Care and Electoral teams continue to partner with OFA Marin to phonebank in support of the Affordable Care Act. MVCAN leaders continue to partner with multiple grassroots groups and umbrella organizations.


45 MVCAN members participated in multiple successful phone banks to 1) Advocate for the Affordable Care Act (ACA). See Health Care and Electoral Team Reports, below, for more ACA phone bank opportunities. 2) Campaign for Jon Ossoff in Georgia, who is running in a special election April 18 to fill the vacated U.S. House seat of Cabinet Secretary Tom Price. Ossoff is leading in the "Jungle Primary" of over 17 other candidates! See Electoral Team Report, below, for info about joining the next phone bank.


The core leadership team did some strategic planning for the next 3 months and looks forward to welcoming more members into leadership roles for MVCAN.


MVCAN announced its first endorsement and fundraiser in a critical race affecting the direction of the Democratic Party in California. Learn why MVCAN Leadership thinks Kimberly Ellis should be the next CA state Democratic Party chair, and how you can join in to make our fundraising event wildly successful. Read more. Invite below. Join us!

RSVP to the fundraiser here: https://act.myngp.com/Forms/-4255074146232236032


  • MVCAN MONTHLY MEETINGSun., April 2, 3:30-5:30 pm, Tam Valley Community Center. 203 Marin Ave. Mill Valley. Note: New Date and Time. Join us for social time after the meeting!
  • MVCAN EVENT: CALL & COFFEE Thurs. Mar 30, 9 am, Mill Valley. Note: New Date and Time. See bottom of email
  • MVCAN ELECTORAL AND ACA PHONE BANKS Multiple dates. See Actions, Electoral and Health Care Team reports, below, for details.
  • SIGNS OF HOPE ART & ACTIVISM SHOW, Fri. Apr. 14. Communications team will spearhead. Volunteers are needed. See details below.
  • TAX MARCH, Sat. Apr 15, San Francisco. MVCAN members welcome to spearhead our participation.
  • MARCH FOR SCIENCE, Sat. Apr 22. MVCAN Communications team will spearhead poster making.
  • PEOPLE'S CLIMATE MOBILIZATION, Sat. Apr 29. MVCAN Eco Warrior team will spearhead our local action.
  • KIMBERLY ELLIS FUNDRAISER, Tues. Apr 18. See above.
  • MVCAN MEMBER SURVEY, coming to email inboxes soon. Help your organization by taking our brief survey.


ACTION 1: Contact selected Senators and urge them to oppose Gorsuch’s appointment by any means, including a filibuster in the Senate.

As ranking Democratic member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Senator Feinstein has been doing a great job of rigorously questioning and challenging Gorsuch’s qualifications for the Supreme Court. Congrats to our members who called her last week! This week we are widening our calls to include Senators Harris and Schumer as well as Senator Feinstein.

Why It’s So Important

Judge Gorsuch is an extreme conservative who is out of step with the American people and their values. He has routinely put the interests of employers, institutions, and big business ahead of average Americans and shows little to no compassion for the poor and vulnerable in our society. Gorsuch will fail to protect our environment and rejects the critical importance of protecting our world against climate change. He has a record of ruling against workers’ and women’s rights. Gorsuch’s appointment to the Supreme Court, if allowed, would be terribly damaging to the best interests of the American people—not only now, but also for decades to come.

What to Do – Action Item 1

Contact selected Senators and ask them to oppose Gorsuch for the Supreme Court. (If you called last week, call again.)

Suggested Script:

I’m calling Senator ______to urge vigorous opposition to Neil Gorsuch’s appointment to the Supreme Court, including the use of the filibuster. Using the filibuster ensures a measure of bipartisan support before a nominee can be confirmed and protects the fairness and legitimacy of the Supreme Court. Gorsuch’s past record and extremist views prove that his appointment to the Court would do terrible damage to the interests of the American people for decades to come.

Dianne Feinstein (D) CA

DC Office---202-224-3841


LA--- 310-914-7300

San Diego--- 619-231-9712

Fresno--- 559-485-7430

email: https://www.feinstein.senate.gov/public/index.cfm/contact

One Post Street, Suite 2450

San Francisco, CA 94104

Kamala Harris (D) CA

DC Office---202-224-3553


San Francisco---415-355-9041

email: https://www.harris.senate.gov/content/contact-senator

50 United Nations Plaza, Suite 5584

San Francisco, CA  94102

Charles Schumer (D) NY

DC Office---202-224-6542


Leo O'Brien Building, Room 420

1 Clinton Square

Albany, NY 12207

ACTION 2: We need your immediate help to protect Californian immigrants who are facing detention and deportation. Contact your California State Senators/ Assembly Members and urge them to vote “yes” on two critically important bills scheduled for vote this coming Monday, March 27.

The vote on these bills has been postponed to next week, which means we fortunately have another week to influence State Senators to vote “yes.”

Why It’s So Important

Bill #1 - The Values Act (SB 54)

Prohibits California state and local law enforcement officers (including officers in schools and hospitals) from using local resources to investigate, interrogate, detain, or arrest persons for immigration enforcement.

The California Values Act (SB 54) is a bill critical to protecting immigrant communities in California. We must resist the deportation of valued immigrant members of our community and prevent the breaking apart of immigrant families. Our local law enforcement officials must not be forced into illegitimately enforcing these detentions and deportations.

Bill #2 -The Due Process for All Act (SB 6)

Creates a program supported by California state funds to provide access to qualified legal counsel to immigrants in deportation or removal proceedings.

Even people in this country illegally have constitutional rights, such as not being subjected to unreasonable searches and seizures, not answering questions and not signing any documents without speaking with an attorney.

In the current political climate (where recently a father was picked up and arrested while his daughter was still in the car outside a Los Angeles school) legal advice is desperately needed for those whose immigration status is precarious. Ranging from advice on resisting deportation orders to drafting legal documents protecting children if their parents are detained or deported, immigrants must be provided with legal counsel.

What to Do – Action Item 2

Contact California State Senators/ Assembly Members to support California bills SB54 and SB6.

Suggested Script:

I’m calling Senator/ Assembly Member______to urge a ‘yes’ vote for the passage of California bills SB 6 and SB 54, which protectimmigrants’ rights. As a voter in California, I want the Senator/ Assembly Member to ensure that local law enforcement resources are not used to detain or arrest immigrants. I also feel strongly that immigrants must have access to due process and support for legal counsel.

California State Senators and Assembly Members

Senator Mike McGuire (D - Marin)

Sacramento Office-- 916-651-4002

When calling or writing Senator McGuire, be sure to mention that you are a constituent in his Marin district.

Senator Anthony Cannella (R)

Sacramento Office: 916-651-4012

Senator Cathleen Galgiani  (D)

Sacramento Office: 916-651-4005

Senator Steve Glazer (D)

Sacramento Office: 916-651-4007

Senator Jerry Hill (D)

Sacramento Office: 916-651-4013

Senator Bill Dodd (D)

Sacramento Office: 916-651-4003

Assemblyman Marc Levine (D - Marin)

Sacramento Office:  916- 319-2010

When calling or writing Assemblyman Levine, be sure to mention that you are a constituent in his Marin district.

Speaker of Assembly Anthony Rendon

Sacramento Office:  916 - 319-2063

ACTION 3:  Join the MVCAN Health Care and Electoral teams and others for the upcoming ACA Phone Banks (below) or Make ACA Calls from Home using this information and script.

Why It's So Important

The time for preventing the dismantling of the Affordable Care Act is now! Under the ACA, a higher percentage of Americans have health insurance than ever before in history. We have to prevent Republicans in Congress from dragging our country backwards and destroying hard-won achievements in health care.

What to do - Action Item 3

Join one of the upcoming ACA phone banks.

OFA Obamacare 7th Anniversary Celebration!

Celebrate the results that Obamacare produced, and then make calls to prevent its repeal.

Thurs. Mar. 23, 3:00-5:00 pm, Jan O’Brien’s Home, 77 Granada Drive, Corte Madera. Directions: From the Paradise/Tamalpais Drive Exit of 101 North, Turn right at the Home Consignment store at San Clemente Dr, Slight left at Paradise Dr. Take the 2nd right, at the light onto El Camino Dr. Turn left at the stop sign, to stay on El Camino Dr. Take the 1st left onto Granada Dr. Destination will be on the right. Please RSVP by using this link: https://my.ofa.us/page/event/detail/gsfmxj

Marin Democracy ActionACA phone bank and calls to elect Democrats in local races in red states.

Sat. Mar. 25, 10am-noon, Sausalito. RSVP to Susan Bolle swbolle@gmail.com. See Electoral Team report, below, for more info.


Civil Rights/Immigration urges you to take action on SB (Senate Bill) 54 and SB 6. See Action above. Team members are working with the Marin Immigration and Civil Rights Coalition to keep informed of the latest local actions, such as the Mar. 29 Town Forum (see Upcoming Events and What MVCAN Did This Week, above). The team will participate in a vigil with other community organizations at the Detention Center Sun., April 2, 11:00 a.m. Carpools will leave MV Middle School parking lot at 10:15. See also the Train the Trainer meeting Sat., April 8, under Upcoming Events, above.

Next team meeting Sun. Mar. 26, 4 - 5:30 pm Marin Horizon School, 305 Montford, Room 201, Mill Valley. There will be a short presentation by one of the team members, Daniel Kunstler, author of Passaic: The True Story of One Man's Journey Through American Immigration, Detention and Deportation. The team will continue discussing ongoing and future actions. All are welcome! Contact Diane Goldman (dgold94941@aol.com) for more info.

Communications continues to move forward in collaboration with Art Works Downtown’s Signs of Hope exhibit. (See below for more info.) The team partnered with Marin United Rising’s Tamela Fish to create a video featuring ordinary people's heart-wrenching accounts of the ways the current administration’s cruel policies have negatively affected them. They are designing a survey to help MVCAN Leadership and Teams connect more closely with members. Watch your email inbox for the MVCAN Survey.

Next team meeting Sat. Mar. 25, 9:30-10:30 am, Pacific Union Real Estate, 575 Redwood Hwy #150, Mill Valley (between Robata Grill and Acqua Hotel). Contact Ken Pontac (kpontac@hotmail.com) for more info.

Dump Trump's 65 team members work on ways to remove Trump as soon as possible. They are currently focused 100% of Russia-gate, the Trump campaign's collusion with the Russians to hack our election and destroy our democracy. They are currently pushing MOCs to conduct an independent investigation and are building a coalition of progressive organizations to join in by pressuring their MOCs. They meet most Saturday mornings, rain or shine, to review events, adjust strategy and focus on practical actions for all team members.

Next team meeting  Sat. Mar. 25, 10-11am. Mill Valley Community Center Manzanita Room. Contact Bernard Catalinotto (bernardcatalinotto@gmail.com) (cell 301-717-1077) for more info.

The Eco Warriors have been working diligently to counteract climate denial. The Carbon Tax, Climate Advocacy, and Community Outreach committees each conducted conference calls this week. Team leaders met with local environmental groups. (See What MVCAN Did This Week, above.) The Eco Warriors urge all MVCAN members to take a couple of minutes to sign these important petitions:

Don’t let Trump make massive cuts to the EPA!

Stand up for our food system! Block the REINS Act and the Midnight Rules Relief Act!

Next team meeting Tues. Mar. 28, 7:00-8:30 pm, 450 Sycamore Ave, Mill Valley. Contact Lisa Ristorucci (lisaristorucci@gmail.com) for more info and Join the MVCAN Eco Warriors Facebook page!

Education is exploring Prop. 13 reform, as it relates to CA education funding. Team members are attending the Labor Rising Against Trump: Emergency California Education Conference at U.C. Berkeley on Sat., April 15.

Next team meeting

Sat. Apr. 8, 11:00-noon, Pacific Union Real Estate, 575 Redwood Hwy #150, Mill Valley. Contact

Kelly Horner

(keho@sonic.net) for more info.



team’s mission is to flip the house in 2018 and make state legislatures and governorships blue in 2017. The group is continuing phonebank training and calling.Please join the team for a phone bank Sat. Mar. 25, 10AM - 12PM in Sausalito. RSVP to


for details. They'll not only be calling Nevada voters to pressure their Republican Senator Heller to save the ACA but will also be calling voters in Georgia for Jon Ossoff. As mentioned above, Ossoff is running in a Special Election April 18 and is leading in the "Jungle Primary" over 17 other candidates! Last week the Electoral team made over 500 calls, and talked to 50 supporters to tell them about the special election so we know our efforts are paying off. The Ossoff campaign would love to have volunteers on the ground in Georgia and we have several offers to pay for plane flights to Atlanta from SFO! And please

donate to Jon Ossoff for Congress

so his campaign can battle back against the millions the Republicans are pouring in to this race to hold it.

Next team meeting

Sat. Mar. 25, 10 am - 12 pm

See phone bank info above.


Susan Bolle



) to RSVP.

Health Care Is responding to the extreme action on the ACA repeal. Trump is pushing through the amended version of the House¹s AHCA, which cuts Medicaid funding even further so as to appeal to the Freedom Caucus representatives. Voting is expected in the House next week. This team is focusing on the Senate, hoping to block the repeal there. There were 2 well attended phone banks last week hosted by OFA (Organizing for America) Marin. The team reached constituents in Arizona and encouraged them to call Senators Flake and McCain. They are also attending the United Marin Rising Town Hall Forum on Immigration and Health Care Wed. Mar. 29. (See above.)

Next team meeting Sun. Mar. 26, 4-5:30 pm, Home of Elyse Foster, 22 Underhill Rd., Mill Valley. Contact Elyse Foster (fosterel22@gmail.com) for more info.

Women's Rights worked on getting at least 3 people (each) to call Senator Feinstein to oppose Neil Gorsuch's Supreme Court nomination. They discussed canvassing local businesses to support AB 569 (employee reproductive non-discrimination act) with the help of NARAL's online "tool kit," and planned to attend the April 26 Lobby Day in Sacramento in support of NARAL and Planned Parenthood. Support this team's GoFundMe site to provide safe access to women's health care.

Next team meeting Sat. Apr 8, 1:15 pm, Tam Valley Log Cabin, 60 Tennessee Valley Road, Mill Valley. Contact Leigh Ann Townsend (townsendleighann@gmail.com) for more info.


MVCAN EVENT - CALL & COFFEE THURS MAR 30, 9-10:30 am Come make calls together to key Congressional and other decision makers, on time-critical issues. No experience necessary, we will train you. Bring a laptop and cell phone. Please RSVP by Weds., Mar 29, if you can make it. Host: June Cooperman (juneellenc@aol.com) for exact address. RSVP 415-389-1306.

SIGNS OF HOPE ART AND ACTIVISM SHOW, Fri. Apr 14, Art Works, San Rafael. Contact Angelique Benicio btweenmargins@yahoo.com for more info, to volunteer, and to contribute protest signs.


Visit MVCAN.org to learn about the organization, teams and strategies; read past MVCAN newsletters, and gain helpful Resistance tools.

Got a skill, talent and/or time? Contact Laura Boles, boles9552@gmail.com and let her know how you might be able to help our growing Resistance group.

Thank you for all you do!

– June, Bernard, Suz, Danny, Eileen and everyone at MVCAN

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