PHONE/TEXT  BANKING  -  Sat, Nov 18, 1pm-3pm
Sausalito Office (for Alabama Senate)

PHONE/TEXT  BANKING  - Tues, Nov 21, 2pm-6pm

Sunday, Dec 3, 4pm
Mill Valley Community Center

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For more on our celebration, look for the Anniversary Wag next week, with photos and memories!



Insanity of Tax Give-Away to the Rich

Guess who’s paying for Trump’s tax cut for the rich.

MVCAN co-sponsored a rally at Congressman Huffman’s office in San Rafael on Nov 13. (Just because our members of congress are on our side doesn’t mean they don’t need to hear from us about our evolving concerns.)  MVCAN joined forces with Invisible Marin and other local resistance groups to deliver a letter that outlined the damage Trump’s tax plan would inflict. We encouraged Huffman to lean on his Republican colleagues in California to come to their senses.

Rally participants gather in front of Huffman’s office before presenting the check.

25 of us were welcomed into Huffman’s office where we presented a giant check that sums up the insanity of the tax giveaway to big corporations and the rich. Our rally was covered on the front page by the Marin IJ.


Sat, Nov 18, 1pm- 3pm
Sausalito Office

Celebrating Victory!

Last Saturday we celebrated our win in Virginia and talked about how narrow the margins of victory were in the Virginia House of Delegates. Our calls to voters to get  out the vote played a big part in the record high voter turn-out which was key to the victory.

Phone Bankers eat cake!
Thanks to all of you who fought with us for this victory.

Phone/Text Banking to Alabama

Still basking in the Nov 7 electoral victories (while getting a sugar rush), phone bankers/texters have started responding to the new challenge of the Alabama special election on Dec 12.

Democratic Senate candidate Doug Jones has an historic chance to win an Alabama seat in the Senate! Certainly, one can hardly imagine a more unfit and reprehensible opponent than Roy Moore. We are taking the high road, not discussing Roy Moore in our calls, just talking about our own strong candidate and what he wants to do for Alabama.

Join us in phone/text banking. Due to the fact that the University of Alabama Crimson Tide will be playing a championship football game on Saturday, (from 9:30am-12:30pm PST) and our desire not to irritate the fans watching the games, we will start our phone bank later this Sat, Nov 18 at 1 pm.

We will also text and call red and purple state voters to tell their members of congress to vote against the Republican tax bill.

Event: Phone/Text Banking in Sausalito
When: Sat, Nov 18, 1pm- 3pm
Where: Sausalito Office

Please click here to register and to get details and directions: Register

Please bring your charged cell phone AND your laptop, iPad or tablet.

Come join us and communicate with voters in Alabama. You can help to get Doug Jones elected. Our experienced phone/text bank leaders will be on hand to coach you and train you.

There will be no phone banking during Thanksgiving week. We will resume Dec 2.



Just when we thought it couldn’t get any worse, the Republicans added an amendment to their tax bill to get rid of the ACA individual mandate!

According to the Congressional Budget Office, scrapping the mandate would reduce the number of Americans with health insurance by 13 million people over a decade.

We beat TrumpCare because we demonstrated a massive wave of opposition in every corner of the country. The Trump Tax Scam deserves the same level of attention from coast to coast and everywhere in between.

This whole underhanded Republican process could be done as early as November 30!

WHAT TO DO: Phone/Text Bank to Stop the Trump Tax Scam

Please come to a phone bank on Tuesday Nov 21, when we join Marin Democrats' Take Back Tuesday phone bank in San Rafael to call and text against the Tax Bill. (If that bill is pulled, we will phone and text bank for the 2018 Midterm elections in flippable California congressional districts).

November 21, 2pm- 6pm, San Rafael
Contact to sign up.

WHAT TO DO: Make a phone call to our Senators to Stop the Trump Tax Scam

Start calling your Senators immediately. (We’ve set up a toll-free number 1-855-980-2350 to make it even easier for you to make a call!) They need to hear from you. Your voice will be the difference in this fight. There are Democratic call scripts - ask our senators to do MORE by “withholding consent.”


Hugo is unjustly being detained by the ICE.

Hugo is a valuable immigrant member of our Marin community. He has been detained for more than six months by the ICE at Rio Consume Correctional Center in Elk Grove, CA.

We thrilled to write you all and share that Judge Valerie Burch has granted Hugo Mejia a bond hearing for November 21st at 9am.  We are so grateful for this long-awaited, hard-fought news. Thanks to all of you who assisted with this critical step towards winning Hugo’s release from detention.

WHAT TO DO: Write a letter of support for Hugo.

It is critical that the judge see and understand community support for Hugo. If you wrote a letter of support for Hugo many months ago, please update it and/or write another. Previously our letters were gathered and given to ICE.  These new letters will be delivered to Judge Burch who will read and use them to inform her decision on whether to return him to his family and to our community on bond. For details, go to the Civil Rights/Immigration Team.

WHAT TO DO: To show your support for Hugo, sign this petition

Please share the letter writing campaign and petition widely with your networks. The letters and visits that Hugo has received while in detainment have given him strength and have kept him hopeful. He continues to express the deepest gratitude to each of you and for this tremendous community support.

As we gain more clarity on how we can show up to support Hugo on November 21st, we will keep you informed.


Monday, Nov 27
Senators’ Offices - location TBD

Show up on Monday, 11/27 for an Indivisible National Day of Action. Indivisible is  planning sit-ins in Senator’s offices across the country right now. Protests played a huge role in the TrumpCare fight and we can do it again. CLICK ON THE INDIVISIBLE GUIDE LINK NEXT WEEK TO FIND OUT ABOUT THE ACTION CLOSEST TO US


AIRLIFT is MVCAN’s first national project. It gives people all over the country a simple, strategic way to donate to grassroots groups working year round in 2018 battleground districts. In addition to AIRLIFT’s three funds supporting designated grassroots groups, we will be suggesting additional, timely opportunities to give to worthy grassroots groups that can use our immediate help. This week we are letting you know how you can make direct donations that are focused on African-American turnout in Alabama’s special Senate election on Dec 12.

Alabama Grassroots Groups that Need Your Help:

Here are three efforts in Alabama worth considering for personal donations. These recommendations come from Matt Singer at (who spoke at our Oct 10th MVCAN monthly meeting). Matt serves as an advisor to AIRLIFT. He is plugged in to grassroots efforts around the country.

Your donations to these groups will be used for voter registration and turnout, primarily in Alabama's African-American communities. The main need of these groups is to be able to hire more on-the-ground staff who can literally bring as many people to the polls as possible for a cold December election.


This is a quiet LLC effort aimed at Black voters. This is a pop-up that started a couple of months ago to try to seize this opportunity.

Make checks payable to (not tax-deductible):

℅ DeJuana Thompson
1623 2nd Ave N, Ste 1905
Birmingham, AL 35203


This is a smart new national effort that is piloting in Alabama and well-connected to some other institutions.

For more information, see

Donate on ActBlue (not tax-deductible):


This is a 501c3 non-profit, which means donations are tax-deductible.

For more information, see

Make checks payable to:

2100 4th Ave N
Birmingham, AL 35203

AND DON’T FORGET THAT YOU CAN DONATE DIRECTLY TO DOUG JONES.  Help us elect a democratic senator in Alabama! https://actblue/donate-DougJones

KUDOS TO OUR WEEKLY WAG editorial team for making it happen EVERY WEEK., Annie Cooperman Associate editor, Danny Altman, Tom Keefe, June Cooperman, and Wag Founder Suz Lipman.


CHECK THEM OUT! : Much of MVCAN's work is done in one of our awesome 9 action teams. Click the team name to read their latest news and find their next meeting.

Civil Rights/Immigration battles for justice and fair treatment of women, immigrants, working people and followers of all faiths.

Communications works on strategy, branding, messaging and program development for MVCAN. They are looking for bright ideas and people who want to make them happen.

Dump Trump's 25 active team members work on ways to remove Trump from power, with special focus on Russia collusion. This topic is hot!

Eco Warriors are engaged in change at the local, state and national levels, to impact the CA carbon tax, climate change, and community outreach and action.

The Economic Action team has launched AIRLIFT, our first national project. AIRLIFT funnels money to grassroots groups in winnable 2018 districts. These are seriously vetted groups that work all year round in their communities-- they get tangible results without blowing through millions of dollars. Read about it in the Huffington Post.

Electoral works to elect candidates for the 2017 state house and governor races, and other targeted races from now through the mid-term elections, following the recommendations of the team, which are analyzing and selecting winnable races. The Electoral team uses phone banks and travel to targeted districts to talk with voters through phone calls and door-to-door canvassing, voter registration, and campaign volunteering.

Health Care is forging ahead after their successful fight over the repeal/replace of ACA.

Tech supports MVCAN through technology.

Women's Rights fundraises and canvasses for NARAL and Planned Parenthood; supports women in public office(s); and engages in local, state and federal legislation for women's protection and rights.


Visit to learn about the organization and strategies, join a team, read past MVCAN newsletters, and gain helpful Resistance tools.

Thank you for all you do!

– June, Bernard, Suz, Danny, Eileen, and everyone at MVCAN