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130 people attended MVCAN's monthly meeting April 2nd to take action by sending postcards to our representatives to endorse Kimberly Ellis for CA Democratic Party Chair, hear first-hand from our 8 action team leaders, learn more Resistance strategies, such as what to do when demonstrations get heated, and network and plug into meaningful action! See photos, below. Thank you Karen Lynch, Talley Webb, Laura Boles, Celeste Perry, photographer Elliot Karlan, and all the many team leaders and other volunteers who helped the event run smoothly and be informative.

Our next MVCAN monthly meeting is Sunday, May 7, 3:30 pm, Tam Valley Community Center. More details to come!

MVCAN shows off its action postcards and protest signs at the monthly meeting:

Former 29-year SFPD Officer Karen Lynch (bottom right) and MVCAN share some demonstration tactics:

MVCAN members share their demonstration stories. (Ruthanne Appel, below.)

MVCAN's Max Margolis and others prepare us for the 5-minute postcard action: mailing our local representatives to advocate support of Kimberly Ellis for CA Democratic Party Chair. (See Events, below, for more info about Ellis.)

Thank you photographer Elliot Karlan. Click here to see more photos of the Apr. 2 MVCAN Monthly Meeting: http://www.elliotkarlanphotography.com/MVCAN-MONTHLY-MEETING-422017/ Photos are only for MVCAN use and may not be used without watermark or altered in any way.

To see videos from the meeting go to: https://www.facebook.com/groups/mvcan/videos/



We are bucking “business-as-usual” politics by our endorsement of Kimberly Ellis for CA Democratic Party chair. She aligns herself with groups like MVCAN by promoting positive change to address the many serious problems we face. Kimberly supports medicare for all and pay equity for women, while opposing for-profit prisons and fracking. Join MVCAN to meet Kimberly and listen to her innovative plans to reform and revitalize the CA Democratic Party. Tuesday • April 18 • 7-9 PM • Seager Gray Gallery • 108 Throckmorton Ave • Mill Valley. Space is limited and filling fast. Click here to register. Or use this link: http://bit.ly/KEfndrsr

To learn more about Kimberly’s plans for a more effective Democratic Party, go to: https://voteforkimberly.com/new-path-forward/

Kimberly Ellis

BECOME A TRAINED IMMIGRANTS' RIGHTS ADVOCATE Train the Trainer meeting, sponsored by Canal Alliance, Sat. Apr. 8, 9 am-12:30 pm, Dominican College, San Rafael. MVCAN Civil Rights/Immigration team is spearheading.

MVCAN EVENT – CALL & COFFEE Note new day and time Fri. Apr. 14, 9-10:30 am. Come make calls together to key Congressional and other decision makers on time-critical issues. Sign up if you would like to get more comfortable calling elected representatives and want to discuss scripts and calling techniques. No experience necessary; we will train you. Bring a laptop and cell phone. Please be sure to RSVP by Thurs. Apr.13 (email preferred), if you can make it. Host: June Cooperman (juneellenc@aol.com) for exact address. 415-389-1306.

SIGNS OF HOPE ART & ACTIVISM SHOW Fri. Apr. 14, 5-8 pm, Art Works Downtown, 1337 4th St., San Rafael. MVCAN supports this community art and activism show of political posters from local protests, including multiple protest signs made by MVCAN members. Contact Angelique Benicio (btweenmargins@yahoo.com) for more info, to volunteer, and to contribute protest signs.

TAX DAY RALLY AND MARCH Sat. Apr. 15, 1-4 pm, San Francisco. MVCAN will participate in a rally and march to demand that Donald Trump release his tax returns. To make it easy for you to attend the march, MVCAN has organized a bus to leave Mill Valley Middle School at 12:45pm on Sat. Apr. 15, and drop off at Civic Center to join the rally/march, and pick up at 5pm at the end of the march at Ferry Plaza to return to Mill Valley Middle School. R/T bus tickets are $25 (plus $2.37 handling). Tickets are going fast. Order now by clicking here: http://bit.ly/mvcantaxmarch

Contact Bernard Catalinotto (bernardcatalinotto@gmail.com) or Susan Bolle (swbolle@gmail.com) if you're interested in joining the MVCAN contingent. Rally/March details:1:00 pm: Civic Center Plaza opens to the general public and organizations to gather. 2:00 pm: Tax March Rally in front of City Hall. Special guests include David Cay Johnston and the Trump Chicken! 3:00 pm: March down Market Street to Justin Herman Plaza.

MARCH FOR SCIENCE POSTER MAKING Thurs. Apr. 20, 6:30–9:30pm, Studio 64, 64 Louise St, San Rafael. A hands-on art party supporting the March for Science, co-hosted by MVCAN Health Care Team. Please contact Fran (fh@halperinandchrist.com) if you are interested in attending.

MARCH FOR SCIENCESat. Apr. 22, 11am-1:30 pm, San Francisco. Celebrates public discovery, understanding, and distribution of scientific knowledge as crucial to the freedom, success, health, and safety of life on this planet. Contact Carol Korenbrot (carol.korenbrot@sbcglobal.net) or Lisa Ristorucci (lisaristorucci@gmail.com) if you're interested in carpooling or joining the MVCAN contingent. Rally/March details:

11am: Rally with invited speakers at Justin Herman Plaza. 12:30 pm: March down Market Street to Civic Center Plaza. 1:30 pm: Fair to celebrate science in Civic Center Plaza.

PEOPLE'S CLIMATE MOBILIZATION Sat. Apr 29. SAVE THE DATE! And tell your friends, family and neighbors. Join us as we march and rally for the environment on Apr. 29 and show the country what Marin County stands for! The more people that come together, the more we raise awareness. MVCAN's Eco-Warriors will be organizing carpools and the San Rafael leg of the march. Contact Lisa Ristorucci (lisaristorucci@gmail.com) for more info.

MEMORIAL DAY PARADE Mon. May 29, 10:30 am-noon, Mill Valley. MVCAN seeks someone to help organize our parade contingent. ContactLaura Boles(boles9552@gmail.com) to volunteer!


Supreme Court Activism

Thanks to all the MVCAN members who made of hundreds of calls to Democratic and Republican Senators to oppose Neil Gorsuch and support the filibuster! By doing so, we were instrumental in focusing intense scrutiny on Gorsuch's extreme record and the theft of the Merrick Garland seat. In response, the Republicans enacted an unpopular and politically costly Senate rule change in order to force through their extreme, right-wing nominee. Republicans have shown that they are incapable of putting the long-term interests of our country ahead of their own immediate partisan goals.

Throughout this process, the Resistance has demonstrated it can unify nearly all the Democratic senators in a way that, just a few months ago, seemed highly improbable. This unification will be critically important in the consequential battles to come. (See Supreme Court Action #3, below.)

ACTION 1: Hooray! Thanks to YOUR action last week,

SB 54 passed the California Senate. Now the challenge begins in the California Assembly. Help protect Californian immigrants who are facing detention and deportation. Contact your California Assembly members and urge them to vote “yes” on two critically important bills scheduled for vote soon.

Why It’s So Important

Bill #1 - The Values Act (SB 54)

Prohibits California state and local law enforcement officers (including officers in schools and hospitals) from using local resources to investigate, interrogate, detain or arrest persons for immigration enforcement.

The California Values Act (SB 54) is a bill critical to protecting immigrant communities in California. We must resist the deportation of valued immigrant members of our community and prevent the breaking apart of immigrant families. Our local law enforcement officials must not be forced into illegitimately enforcing these detentions and deportations.

Bill #2 -The Due Process for All Act (SB 6)

Creates a program supported by California state funds to provide access to qualified legal counsel to immigrants in deportation or removal proceedings.

Even people in this country illegally have constitutional rights, such as not being subjected to unreasonable searches and seizures, not answering questions and not signing any documents without speaking with an attorney.

In the current political climate (where recently a father was picked up and arrested while his daughter was still in the car outside a Los Angeles school) legal advice is desperately needed for those whose immigration status is precarious. Ranging from advice on resisting deportation orders to drafting legal documents protecting children if their parents are detained or deported, immigrants must be provided with legal counsel.

What to Do – Action Item 1

Contact California State Assemblymen to support California bills SB54 and SB6.

Suggested Script:

I’m calling Assemblyman______to urge a ‘yes’ vote for the passage of California bills SB 6 and SB 54, which protect immigrants’ rights. As a voter in California, I want the Assemblyman to ensure that local law enforcement resources are not used to detain or arrest immigrants. I also feel strongly that immigrants must have access to due process and support for legal counsel.

California State Assembly

Speaker of Assembly Anthony Rendon

Sacramento Office:  916-319-2063

Assemblyman Marc Levine (D - Marin)

Sacramento Office:  916-319-2010

When calling or writing Assemblyman Levine, be sure to mention that you are a constituent in his Marin district.

ACTION 2: Good news! In addition to MVCAN's endorsement, Kimberly Ellis has picked up the following significant endorsements from these leading legislators: Rep. Jackie Speier, Rep. Mark DeSaulnier, Rep. Anna Eshoo and Rep. Ro Khanna. She did not receive the endorsement of Rep. Jared Huffman. We need to pressure our remaining local representatives to endorse Kimberly Ellis for CA Democratic Party Chair.

Why it's so Important

Kimberly Ellis represents a vital shift in CA Democratic politics and an opportunity to lead the party and the nation in a more progressive direction at a crucial time.

What to Do - Action Item 2

Contact representatives to support Kimberly Ellis.

Suggested Script:

Hello, my name is _______ and I am a Democratic voter in________. I'm calling to urge Representative ________to support Kimberly Ellis for California Democratic Party Chair.

Kimberly is committed to representing our progressive Democratic values and building a well-resourced party that supports and trains Democrats at all levels from every corner of California to run for office and win.

I am particularly impressed by her support for:


-Medicare For All.

-Collective bargaining rights for gig economy workers

-An immigration policy that stops the criminalization of communities of color and keeps families together

-Eliminating for-profit prisons.

-Pushing back against municipal codes that criminalize poverty

-Reforming the commercial section of Prop. 13 and make California's public colleges and universities free

-Banning fracking throughout California

-Pay equity for women

-Raising the level of women in the state legislature above the currently abysmal 22%

As a constituent of Rep._______'s district, I hope that he can support Kimberly because she is the best choice to lead our party in the right direction.

Call the following representatives:

Marc Levine, CA State Assemblyman

San Rafael Office: 415-479-4920

Mike McGuire, CA State Senator

San Rafael Office: 415-479-6612

ACTION 3: Call and tell key Republicans you’re outraged that they traded the integrity of our democracy for partisan political gain by eliminating the use of the filibuster to oppose extremist nominees, such as Gorsuch, to the Supreme Court.

For the past 150 years the filibuster has been an invaluable tool to create bipartisan balance in appointments to the Supreme Court. The Republicans have, without justification, destroyed that tool. We must fight back.

What to Do – Action 3

Click on this link to CREDO, which will give you a script and automatically dial your calls:



Civil Rights/Immigration celebrates the passage of SB 54 in the California Senate and urges you to take the action above to call the Assembly. They are also seeking to partner with OFA to participate in phone banks. Several of their members met with MV Police Chief Angel Bernal to learn about the department's immigrant rights policy. MV City Manager Jim McCann is also developing a city-wide statement on the subject. Reminder: It's not to late to register for the Train the Trainer Immigrant Advocate Training on Saturday.  See Events, above.  

Next team meeting Sun. Apr. 23, 4-5:30 pm Marin Horizon School, 305 Montford Ave., Room 201, Mill Valley. There will be a presentation by Immigration Attorney, Margaret Alden Moody, and excerpts from the video Why We Come, stories from Latino immigrants living in the Canal district. All are welcome! Contact Diane Goldman (dgold94941@aol.com) for more info.

Communications worked with United Marin Rising’s Art Build – Poster Making Party on April Fools Day to create posters for upcoming actions, as well as securing many more posters for Art Works Down Town’s upcoming Signs of Hopeexhibit on Apr. 14 (see Events, above, for more information). With the many demonstrations planned for this month, this team intends to get a lot of paint under their fingernails!

Next team meeting Sat. Apr 8, 9:30-10:30 am, Pacific Union Real Estate, 575 Redwood Hwy #150, Mill Valley (between Acqua Hotel and Robata Grill). Contact Ken Pontac (kpontac@hotmail.com) for more info.

Dump Trump's 65 team members work on ways to remove Trump as soon as possible. They are currently focused 100% on Russia-gate, the Trump campaign's collusion with the Russians to hack our election and destroy our democracy. They are currently pushing MOCs to conduct an independent investigation and are building a coalition of progressive organizations to join in by pressuring their MOCs. They meet most Saturday mornings, rain or shine, to review events, adjust strategy and focus on practical actions for all team members.

Next team meeting  Sat. Apr. 8, 10-11am. Mill Valley Community Center Manzanita Room. Contact Bernard Catalinotto (bernardcatalinotto@gmail.com) (cell 301-717-1077) for more info.

Eco Warriors' News:

Community Outreach Committee began their sticker campaign at Sunday’s MVCAN meeting and will keep it up until the majority of MVCAN goes Deep Green or Solar Choice on their energy bill (it only takes a few minutes to call and make the change!).

Carbon Tax Committee- is busy networking with Environmental Justice orgs, like CCL’s CalFACT. These orgs are key in moving a carbon fee forward in California, and we can leverage each other to build momentum and clout.

Climate Advocacy Committee – has teamed up with MVCAN Health Care Team to organize carpools for the  Apr. 22 March for Science. And are busy making plans with 350Marin for the Marin People’s Climate March on Apr. 29. (See Events, above, for more details about both marches.) Be sure to save the dates!

Read the Eco-Warriors' newsletter here and don’t forget about Movie Night at Mill Valley’s Throckmorton Theatre! See the Award-Winning Environmental documentary, Normal is Over on Wed. Apr. 12 at 7pm.

Next team meeting Tues. Apr. 11, 7-8:30 pm, Mill Valley Water Treatment Plant, 450 Sycamore Ave. Mill Valley. Contact Lisa Ristorucci (lisaristorucci@gmail.com) for more info and Join the MVCAN Eco Warriors Facebook page!

Education is exploring Prop. 13 reform, as it relates to CA education funding. Team members are attending the Labor Rising Against Trump: Emergency California Education Conference at U.C. Berkeley on Sat. Apr. 15.

Next team meeting

Sat. Apr. 8, 9:30-10:30, Alain Pinel Realtors, 32 Miller Ave., Mill Valley. The team will be analyzing Trump’s education budget and the multiple strategies (Federal and State level) necessary to resist and oppose. Contact

Kelly Horner

(keho@sonic.net) for more info.

The Electoral team’s mission is to flip the house in 2018 and make state legislatures and governorships blue in 2017.

This team will be taking a Spring Break from phone banks at our Sausalito office through Apr. 16. Instead, they urge you to join them for the Tax March on Apr.15. This is a rally/march starting at the San Francisco Civic Center to demand Donald Trump release his taxes. See Events, above, for more info.

Meanwhile, the next scheduled phone bank is Mon. Apr. 17, 3-5:30, to Get Out The Vote for Jon Ossoff's Election Day April 18! More details to come.

In the interim, please donate to Jon Ossoff, along with our Democratic candidate for the Georgia State House, a race voters will be casting their ballot for in the same election as Jon's.

Christine Triebsch is running for the Georgia State Senate--learn more about her here: http://www.christine4ga.com/index.html Please consider donating to her campaign: http://bit.ly/2oFaRo3

And of course, Jon Ossoff could really use our donations to fight back against really nasty Republican attack ads: https://secure.actblue.com/contribute/page/ossoff-homepage

Thanks & Happy Spring from the Electoral Team!

Next team meetingMon. Apr. 17, 3-5:30 pm. in the office in Sausalito. RSVP to Susan Bolle (swbolle@gmail.com).

Health Care is regrouping after the victory Mar. 17, when the repeal of the Affordable Care Act failed to come to a House vote. They know the dismantling of the ACA is not over. Health Care team members and their networks continue to watch Congress and the Health and Human Service Agency. The team is also focused on CA Senate Bill 562 for Single Payer Health Care, which will be the topic for their next meeting in May. In April, they are participating with MV CAN in the Apr. 22 March for Science in San Francisco. They need help making posters for the march Thurs. Apr. 20, and they need people to show up for the actual rally and march Sat. Apr. 22. See Events, above, for more details.

Next team meeting Sun. Apr. 23, 4 pm, 303 Enterprise Concourse, Mill Valley (very close to the Tam Valley Community Center). For questions, call Robin (415-233-0365). Contact Elyse Foster (fosterel22@gmail.com) for more info.

Women's Rights members are calling elected representatives to insist on a filibuster over the Gorsuch nomination (see Action, above) and are looking forward to the Kimberly Ellis event on Apr.18 (see Events, above). They hope to see plenty of MVCAN people there! Team members will attend the Apr. 26 Lobby Day in Sacramento in support of NARAL and Planned Parenthood. Women's Rights distributed $2,300 from their GoFundMe campaign to provide safe access to women's health care, and are seeking ideas for a new campaign.

Next team meeting Sat. Apr 8, 1:15 pm, Tam Valley Log Cabin, 60 Tennessee Valley Road, Mill Valley. Contact Leigh Ann Townsend (townsendleighann@gmail.com) for more info.


Visit MVCAN.org to learn about the organization, teams and strategies; read past MVCAN newsletters, and gain helpful Resistance tools.

Got a skill, talent and/or time? Put on your thinking cap and contact Laura Boles (boles9552@gmail.com) and let her know how you might be able to help our growing Resistance group.

MVCAN member Ken Pontac reveals his inner workings in preparation for the March for Science. Photo: Eileen Fisher.

Thank you for all you do!

– June, Bernard, Suz, Danny, Eileen and everyone at MVCAN

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